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RSpec Spectra License Key Betrani

" so i wrote a little python script to "unlock" that file for non-windows users. See comments in my repo on github: (I'm not really sure if there should be a way to solve this issue within pspec, or to ask you guys to update the version of the script...) A: After a few days of pondering, I found out that this is a known bug in PSPEC. The workaround is to uninstall the latest release of PSPEC and install it again (with all your preferences saved). ifdef::env-github[] .. [#] endif:: [] [[query-aggregations-metrics-stats-aggregation]] ==== {api-recommended-title} {api-link-docs-aggregations}/metric/stats-aggregation.html [float] ==== {api-recommended-title} {api-link-docs-aggregations}/metric/stats-aggregation.html#query-string-and-query-string-interpolation .. _query-string-and-query-string-interpolation: query string and query string interpolation ------------------------------------------- :: [Elasticsearch {index}] +---------------+---------------+ | | | | |

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